And Augusta Maine women

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Please click the play button on the video below, or view the ceremony on YouTubeto watch the virtual ceremony. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to women whose achievements have had a ificant statewide impact, have ificantly improved the lives of women, and whose contributions provided enduring value for women. The annual Induction Ceremony, held on the third Saturday of March each year, is an outstanding public event where one or two women of achievement are honored.

Portland, Maine. Educated in public schools and grateful to the University of Maine for bringing her to this beautiful state, Joanne found in Maine generous mentors who supported and encouraged her passion for politics and her aspirations to work for social justice. She has always believed that justice-for-all will grow in small but certain degrees by applying passion, perseverance, and the knowledge that we may never see nor benefit from the fruits of our own work…but that those who follow us, certainly will.

She has had the privilege of serving as a partner and leader in many campaigns that have made a difference for Mainers, present and future. Joanne loves the State of Maine and how its people model government and political action of, by, and for the people.

Commission on the Glass Ceiling. Joanne is excited to continue her work as a coach and mentor with the next and future generations of advocates, political activists, and social justice warriors. Waterville, Maine. As an educator, Betty-Jane Stanhope Meader impacted and inspired young women and girls every day for 44 years, 41 of them at Thomas College. When she retired in she served a two-year term as state president of the American Association of University Women, an organization that has supported women and girls since They have two sons, Lance, and Daren, and four grandchildren.

Betty-Jane is a past state president and a present board member of the Maine Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and is currently the membership chair of the Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, a society for key women educators. In addition, Betty-Jane has never forgotten her roots in Dover-Foxcroft. A graduate of Foxcroft Academy, she later served on the board of trustees for five years. Inshe received the Dr.

Arriving in Maine over a decade ago with ample experience in standing up for minority and underserved populations, as well as promoting leadership development to enhance their power, Dr. With this family and history of standing up for others, she led and sustained a variety of initiatives to strengthen women students, faculty and staff at the college, university and community levels. It was her experience, confidence and strong belief in equity, fairness and justice that permeated her Deanship, leveraged her influence with hundreds of students, faculty and community leaders, and built her reputation as a fierce warrior for social justice.

Some of these activities included:. This work included promoting university-business partnerships to create new internships, support successful programs housed at LAC such as New Ventures, and seeking scholarships for LAC students; creating t programs with Middlesex Community College and other community agencies to help sustain and expand programs with primarily female students, such as Nursing, Occupational Therapy and the Social Sciences.

Addressing inequities and unfairness in policies and practices at the university and Androscoggin community.

And Augusta Maine women

Her collaborations with educators and parents in the local schools focused on reducing discrimination against new immigrant and refugee children, and trouble-shooting with parents to ensure that equitable services were available for integrating new families into the schools. These interests led to her appointment by the Lewiston mayor in to a team of citizens to examine the needs of the immigrant and refugee population and to make recommendations to the Lewiston City Council, to improve services for current and future residents.

This year-long study culminated in a report, The Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group Reportthat brought new policies and important changes to the lives of immigrants and other underserved people in the city. Promoting leadership development for future women leaders of Maine. Influencing policy and practices for creating a more inclusive, diverse and equitable community has been the underlying focus of her work throughout her tenure.

The impact of this work cannot be overstatedas Maine and the nation prepare for a more multicultural society in this century.

And Augusta Maine women

Saufley is the eighth Dean of Maine Law since its founding in and the third woman to serve as Dean. She is the first Dean to report directly to the Chancellor as part of the transition of the Law School to a stand-alone institution within the University of Maine System. After just ten months on the job, Saufley reports an immense pride in the University System and the Law School as they have worked to protect students and safeguard their education in the middle of a global pandemic. Saufley has had a distinguished career in public service. She was privileged to work with some of the finest judges in the country along with staff who are committed to the meaningful delivery of justice.

Inshe was appointed by U. Nomination forms are submitted by a variety of organizations, businesses, or individuals. An independent panel of judges reviews the nominations with careful consideration to select one or two honorees to be inducted each year. You may complete our online nomination formprint and mail a copy of the nomination formor if you prefer to receive a form by mail please contact Marilyn LaddOffice Manager, The Futurama Foundation, County Road, Oakland, ME.

Katz Library. Sharon H. Sharon has been a tireless advocate for teen parents and their needs, having taught and directed the teen parent school program of the Home from towhen she became assistant director and then executive director of the organization in What makes Sharon special is not necessarily the of teen mothers that she has affected over her year tenure, but the quality of the effect.

Sharon created a Teen Parenting Conference in Maine five years ago, an event that continues to grow and provide important tools to those who offer services to this vulnerable and important group of young women. She le by example, imparting a strong belief that each person can achieve goals with proper guidance. InSharon was selected to attend a study of the new curriculum of caring by the Kennedy Foundation in Washington, D. Her past involvement on the Commission to Study Poverty Among Working Parents, as well as her current role on the Maine Board of Social Worker licensure, have afforded Sharon the ability to positively affect change on a statewide level.

And Augusta Maine women

It is not only timely but fitting that such a modest, hard-working woman receive this esteemed recognition for all she has done for the children and families in Maine. Healthcare for women involves much more than just blood pressures and pelvic exams. She has been involved with Family Planning programs since and has been on the Maine Family Planning Board of Directors for 10 years, serving as board president from to Connie was the Medical Director for the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program from — ; during that time, she and her colleagues established a statewide program that allowed Maine women to access essential, life-saving healthcare services that in many cases would have been inaccessible or unaffordable for them.

To increase access in the most rural sections of Maine, she oversaw the implementation of telehealth systems, allowing women in even the most remote parts of the state to access confidential, compassionate reproductive health care. During Dr. Connie has been a leader in preventing and addressing domestic violence and sexual assault in Maine. The success of policies and protocols implemented in Western Maine resulted in cultural changes and improvements in health and safety that have rippled throughout the state. Adler was instrumental in efforts to include universal screening for DV in emergency department and obstetrical visits, as well as screening for DV at primary care offices.

Her influence extends beyond healthcare spaces, as well. Farmington has posted age about domestic violence along major roadways, and the DV trainings she helped develop are currently administered to law enforcement statewide. Recently Dr. Her life has been immeasurably enriched by her two daughters, Naiche and Shifra, and her nephew, Joel, and by the humor and ingenuity of her husband, Mike Rowland, MD.

Connie is deeply appreciative of the thousands of women who have shared their stories with her over the years. Except for 5 years working in a Migrant and Community Health clinic in Washington, Connie has practiced in Maine since In her leadership and advocacy roles throughout her career, Sharon has demonstrated a deep commitment to public service. Her personal power, keen intellect and exemplary networking skills have brought disparate people and causes together to create a better place for Maine people to live, work, grow and succeed.

Sharon has worked tirelessly to challenge and change the status quo for women, including improving educational access and creating economic opportunities as well as providing for their health care, safety, and reproductive freedom. She has offered leadership in different ways at different times, responding to the needs and opportunities she encounters, including leadership programs for women students, networking opportunities for women in fields where they are under-represented, advocacy for support staff and socioeconomic equity, exploring power dynamics, building coalitions, and working with men and women to achieve gender equity.

Sharon was born in Canada and grew up in Aroostook County. She attended the University of Maine, receiving degrees in psychology and public administration. Her family has always been a primary support in her life, along with Ruth Lockhart, her lifelong friend and professional colleague.

And Augusta Maine women

Sharon lives in Bangor with her life partner, John Hoyt. For more than twenty-five years Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed. She is the author of five books, five curriculums, and numerous articles. But what sets Dr. Brown apart is more than just research, because embedded in her approach to her work is a dedication to translating theory into practice. HGHW is a non-profit founded on her research and dedicated to empowering girls with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a platform to drive social change. At Hardy Girls, Dr. Working with the Girls Advisory Board at Hardy Girls and her students at Colby, for example, she founded Powered by Girl, an online media literacy and activism site dedicated to providing a space for girls and young women to make their voices heard on sexism in the media through blogging, art, and social networking.

As a professor at Colby College, Dr. Brown brings both her research and practice into the classroom and her classroom into the community. Every student she teaches works with school- or community-based youth groups and the curriculum she developed with her Colby students and with Dr. Mary Madden, From Adversaries to Allies, has been used with over girls coalition groups across the state, as well as with girls groups in 41 states across the country, giving both her students and the girls they work with opportunities to develop their leadership and voice.

Throughout her career, Dr.

And Augusta Maine women

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