Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

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Teens and STEM experts engage in lively conversations and activities to explore a topic deeply. Explore our growing network and the activities at each site! It aims to acquaint teens with the exciting fields of Science and Mathematics, engaging them in person with real professionals in the fields who love what they do, all in a fun, relaxed, and informal social setting. The program also provides teens in and around Sumter County with fun opportunities to experience hands-on learning activities in science. The events are deed to help scientists connect with local teens about the science and technology changing their world and discover new opportunities for ocean stewardship.

By specifically connecting teens to scientists, students will work with scientists to help create an interactive and highly engaging conversation about various scientific topics. See our website to RSVP. See our archive of Past Scientist-presenters. Please contact Alexandra Rose via .

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

Students interact with a severe weather drone as graduate students answer questions. Want to get involved? lisa. Please for more information, or to get involved! The Delaware Museum of Natural History is launching a new experience for teens this year! Held throughout the country, our program is the first program of its kind in Delaware! Events are free and only for teens grades 7 — The founder and leader of this program is teen leader Neha Pavuluru and the adult sponsor is Matthew Lasnoski.

The cafe brings together high schools students and professionals in the STEAM fields to engage in discussions and hands on learning while enjoying snacks and refreshments. Please get in touch if you are a teen in the DC area who would like to get involved—either as an organizer or just to attend—, a parent who would like more information, or a STEM professional!

A partnership among three aquaria.

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

Each meeting welcomes a local scientist to share their work with students. Subject matter is geared for 9th—12th grade students. Students articulating a dolphin skeleton. Scientist Gretchen Lovewell is on the left in Mote shirt. Hands-on cutting edge science learning.

We hosts our cafes at the sites of our community partners; which include the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. Hands-on making bath bombs at Bath Bomb Science chemistry of soap making cafe Nov Speakers are drawn from Boise State University as well as other area organizations and companies. Enjoy science in a casual setting! Caldwell Public Library will host monthly Science Cafes.

Imagine you could have a soda and chat with a scientist, a professor, or engineer. Ask them questions about their work, enjoy some food and relax. Now add your friends, who are all in this conversation too. Then toss in a hands-on activity to help you understand better. Science cafes: want to help? Check with Fiona fmay cityofcaldwell. Must be in grade This area is also utilized in the evenings for community events; college education courses; and school-sponsored events. This area will serve well as a friendly and easy to get to area for our community as the location is central and safe and there is parking aplenty free.

Located in a small town setting surrounded by multiple economically challenged, rural communities. Agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and river industries finance most of these communities. This area, however, is located within the Shawnee National Forest which provides opportunities for outdoor recreation and the study of nature. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is a research university that is active in outreach, community support and promotes the importance of STEM. Teen Steam is a collaboration between Innovations i and the Topeka and Shawnee County Library with either organization taking the lead where and when it makes sense.

As a makerspace, i has technical expertise and resources, and TSCPL has educational expertise and marketing resources. Hosted once a month at Ekstrom Library at the University of Louisville, this series offers high-level scientific presentations and interactive discussion from STEM leaders in the community. STEMinar is marketed at present time to both middle and high school students and open to the entire community. Offered through the Institute for Health Innovation, the cafe will support its goals to improve population health in Kentucky and connect students to health career opportunities.

The T. Our goal is to showcase STEM professionals in the Baton Rouge community who work on local and statewide environmental issues. Since ing the TSCN in early we have had several events with local scientists and other professionals who dialogued with our students about their career path and how they use STEM in their work. We work in rural areas where distances to science centers, museums, and universities are often very great. Our youth have limited access and exposure to out of school STEM opportunities and we aim to change that!

Disasters and emergencies are intriguing to youth, including those interested in helping others or in developing new technologies. Many teens want to know how they can help now, particularly when an event hits close to home. Others wonder whether their interests could lead to a career in the future, unaware of the adults in their community who are part of this field. Rural students learn that a variety of pathways and opportunities exist for them to pursue their interests.

Although many emergency management and response jobs require two- or four-year degrees, entry into the field can also begin with a high school diploma and specialized training and certification. Plus, opportunities to be part of this profession are present in most rural communities as well as beyond them. Today, the field of emergency management is undergoing rapid change. Although it remains physically demanding, mentally challenging, and unpredictably paced, it is now adopting 21 st century mobile device and broadband technologies that are revolutionizing its impact. Already, for example, EKGs can be recorded on a smartphone anywhere and transmitted to an Emergency Room physician; cheap ultrasound devices can detect internal bleeding right at the scene of an accident; and infrared detectors can amplify the search and rescue capabilities of dogs, drones, and wardens.

Member contributions to TeenScienceCafe. With the Teen Science Cafe, teens have the opportunity to interact with science professionals in a familiar, informal and relaxed setting. The cafes feature two key components: an opportunity for the high school age attendees and council members to connect with active researchers about their work through short. Ypsilanti District Library supports the idea of teens leading teens in science. It will provide students throughout the region with opportunities to interact with local STEM professionals in a relaxed and informal setting.

Plan to identify youth leaders to develop an in person cafe with youth around the Duluth, Minnesota area and virtual cafe with youth in the rural Minnesota Arrowhead region. We have a large science community along the Gulf Coast that we plan to draw upon for our events. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved, either as a part of our youth leadership team teenageor as a STEM professional. Stimulating conversations with scientists, engineers, and inventors take place in an informal and relaxed setting. Free food is served!

The program is run by teens for teens at central locations in Cahokia and St. We have a new cafe lined up for each month. Each cafe theme is hosted at three different locations:. The Academy of Science — St. Louis Location varies by month Registration Required.

Louis, MO Registration may be required, depending on the topic. Teens own this cafe. By ing the Youth Leadership Team YLTyou get to voice your opinion about what the cafe looks like, sounds like, feels like, and even what food is served.

The YLT is a great place to find friends while developing leadership skills that look nice on a .

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

Find out more about the YLT here. Check us out on Facebook to see what we are up to! We are interested in continuing to partner with other researchers and teen groups in Montana. Please get in touch if you are interested in partnering with us. If are a high school-aged teen who would like info about ing the teen leadership team, a STEM professional who might like to present, or a community member who would like to support this outreach effort, please get in touch!

LMK Cafe will connect Lincoln teens, scientists, researchers.

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

Lincoln, NE is a center of innovation and creativity. LNK will help grow our culture of innovation. Adult facilitators will be holding several teen meetings culminating in our first cafe. The purpose of the pre-cafes is to explain the concept, get teens on board and begin seeing which teens will emerge as our teen leaders. During the initial meetings students may break into small groups and brainstorm issues close to them, issues they are curious about, and issues they hear in the media, etc.

They will be asked to break into leadership groups: marketing, community speaker outreach, facilitating, etc. Our program will be open to all teens that we serve. The students are given the chance to learn about a variety of STEM careers, from cardiology to the fundamentals of robotics.

Up close with Love and Heartbreak of goats as well as humans! The model is being applied in novel ways throughout the Teen Science Cafe Network. Member Contributions to TeenScienceCafe. Meet professional scientists, engineers, and explorers in an informal environment. Plus, free food! Student leaders will plan, implement, and lead evening programs which will include discussion, activities, food, and an expert presentation. We are using the Remind. Students will explore topics in science and technology and engage with the presenters in hands-on activities.

Please refer to our school map to locate the Humanities building. You will also need to pass through our security check point and obtain a printed badge to come onto the campus. Save the printed pass for future cafes. All three will initially be coordinated through NMT, to better coordinate resources including guest scientists, a college student mentor to teen leadership groups, and logistics coordination. One of them, being Taos. This gives us the opportunity to tap some impressive scientists who are already traveling to our institution and it allows the students to feel more a part of the community at the museum.

The Harle m Teen STEAM Club will provide an atmosphere for exploring concepts related to youth engagement in the STEAM fields and will offer a series of forums and programs that will not only expose teens between the ages of to professionals, gurus, and mentors in the STEAM fields, but also enable the participants to develop leadership, technical, job readiness, and critical thinking skills using a format that has been developed by a group of teen leaders and the Teen Advisor.

David started in physics, before transferring schools and studying atmospheric science, the physics theories behind meteorology. He lived in Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, and Massachusetts before settling in Buffalo and emphasized that careers in science can create opportunities for paid graduate school training, exploring academic institutions of different sizes, and living in different parts of the country. NWS is a government agency that provides weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy.

Their problem is creating the most effective warnings and messaging to facilitate protection of life and property within communities on the most effective platforms.

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

David gave a few examples. Hurricane one through five are based on wind levels. Hurricane Florence, in the first two weeks of September, was a category four, but then the wind threat changed to a rain threat and the category was changed to two. Individuals on the ground in the Carolinas changed their evacuation plans because the danger was perceived to be lower.

The storm dumped three feet of water in a limited geographic area over a few short days.

Chat mit teen aus Salt Lake City

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