Hookup exotic beauty

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From bars, clubs and shopping malls to parks, train stations and discos, the city offers a fantastic selection of locals, students and tourists to get a casual encounter with. In this feature we take a closer look at how and where to hookup in Bangkok.

Loud, colorful and foreigner friendly, it has a reputation for being one of the best places in South East Asia for westerners to pick up girls but what are the women in Bangkok actually like? Just like any bustling city, Bangkok is home to a diverse mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds but Thai girls are known for their petite frames, femininity and exotic beauty.

Far from it. Thai women may take a lot of time over their appearance and behave politely but they are generally confident and assertive. Well educated Thai girls from middle class and wealthy families speak English well and Bangkok is also bustling with independent young professionals who earn a very decent wage. Just like in London, New York or Sydney, these women work hard but also want to party hard too.

Whatever their background, most women in the city offer a pretty warm welcome to visitors as many work in the tourist or service industry. Bangkok is also full of immigrants and visitors so the city is a great place to meet European, Australian and North American travellers as well as women from across Asia. In fact, Thailand is a popular country for cross-border immigration from Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Overall, the city offers up a huge diversity for hookups with lots of different types of women of all ages to choose from. These malls also tend to attract a lot of wealthy expats and tourists but it can be much harder to make your opening gambit.

Hookup exotic beauty

Just remember that any women you pick up shopping during the day are wealthy enough not to be working or not working at all or could have some kind of night job! Another good place to do some day gaming is to hit up the university areas. There are a couple of dozen university campuses in Bangkok and plenty of Thai women in their 20s can be found here every day of the week. Often using the local stores and coffee shops, you might have some luck if you have the right kind of patter for those academic types.

Like many capitals, Bangkok comes alive after dark and its many bars and clubs are crawling with singles looking for a hookup. The only problem with gaming in Bangkok at night is that, just like you, there are a lot of professional women looking for hookups at night too! Obviously if you want to avoid being picked up yourself by one of the many professional women who work at night in Bangkok then you should steer clear of places like Soi CowboyNana Plaza, Soi Twilight and Patpong. If you hit a club or bar in any of these areas then you are pretty much advertising that you want to PAY for sex.

RCA is particularly well known for clubbing and attracts a lot of locals and tourists in their 20s looking for a good time. The clubs here are energetic and attract a lot of international DJs or live bands.

Hookup exotic beauty

The most popular club is Onyx ; a Mecca for EDM fans and this huge club is often the last place to close in the city. Route 66 is right next door to Onyx and enjoys an equally great reputation for being a party zone. If you fancy trying your luck somewhere a little less loud then there are a couple of good and quieter beer bars in RCA. Taksura is popular with a student crowd and is more like a country pub. Alternatively, try Tha Beat Lounge ; a trendy hip-hop club which is low-key and friendly, guests can bring along their own record collections and take a turn as a DJ.

Over in Thonglor you can head to Beam or Demotwo clubs with an equally impressive mix of night revellers and always stuffed full of single twenty-somethings. Another part of Bangkok which has some great night game opportunities is Sukhumvit Soi There are two big clubs here which are both worth checking out; Levels and Sugar. Perhaps the most popular of these is the Proud Market. Also located in the RCA area, it is open Thursday to Tuesday until 1am and locals, clubbers and tourists can be found her enjoying the atmosphere, shopping and snacking.

All around the market are smaller whisky bars and live music pubs which are a great place to do some people watching. However, this is much more of a locals scene so just be aware that there will be far fewer tourists here. Instead, if you do fancy your chances hooking up with a tourist then the Khao San Road in central Bangkok is also a decent area to head.

As a result, the bars around here are crawling with gap-year students as well as locals. And a lot of people in Thailand use smartphones in the same way as people in the West; to open hookup apps! Here in Bangkok, Tinder is just as popular as anywhere else in the world and remains the one hookup app.

All good options if you are looking for fellow tourists or ex-pats in the city but not brilliant for locals. Plus, a lot of people who use these are looking for more than just a hookup. Another great option, particularly if you are looking for local Thai ladies is Thai Friendly. One of the largest dating sites in the country and very popular with young single women in their 20s, Thai Friendly specializes in matching local women with farang guys.

See our full Thai Friendly review. Adult Friend Finder is also a useful app to have in your arsenal particularly if you are happy to hookup with international tourists, backpackers and swingers. The site is well known among kinky couples who want to enjoy group sex, threesomes or cuckolding and there are a lot of local members registered on the site. Hooking up in Bangkok is pretty easy for foreigners and the locals are all very familiar with the steady stream of Westerners looking to try a bit of Thai.

Bar girls are pretty good at finding themselves a temporary boyfriend who can lavish them with gifts and money. They even use dating apps like Thai Friendly and Tinder to specifically find a hookup. Potentially, some of these women may be looking for a more permanent hookup and may be looking for a green card to emigrate.

Foreign men have a reputation in Thailand for just being sex tourists and a lot of locals are very wary of hooking up with farangs. Some women make a healthy living this way, courting many men at the same time. Each of them may have been a hookup or holiday romance at some point who then return home with the promise of returning.

Over a period of time, these gold diggers are pretty good at extorting money from their foreign lovers and the scenarios are all pretty similar:. Just be patient, polite and persistent; there are plenty of women in Bangkok looking for a hookup. However, we do think that the night game in the city is much better so if you have a fruitless afternoon then definitely hit up the bars and clubs in the evening. So, put your best foot forward, be showered, dressed to thrill and have your killer charm in high-gear. A lot of Thai women look young for their age and Westerners can be very surprised to find that the woman they thought was in their 20s turns out to be nearly 40!

They just seem to age well as a population but this does make it hard to know how old your hookup is by looking at them. The penalty for sex with minors in Thailand is severe and even though it seems pretty cautious, you will thank us for telling you before instead of after. Which basically means that you need to look as though you can afford to pay for any dates and treat them well. Whilst most Thai people believe that all Westerners are rich and by comparison, most areit helps if you are generous with your money. Remember that whilst Thailand is, technically speaking, still a developing nation, there are a lot of wealthy families in the capital region.

Hookup exotic beauty

So wealthy in fact that they can make your fat wallet look emaciated! And finally, it should go without saying that if you are hooking up in Thailand then you should always use protection. HIV is a real risk in Thailand particularly within the sex industry but there are also dozens of other STDs in circulation. So, make it clear; no glove, no love.

Hookup exotic beauty

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons. We have published 14 country profiles, 18 local city guides, and hundreds of hours of research for your reading leisure. Heading to Bangkok and want to know what the hookup scene is like?

Hookup exotic beauty

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