Hypnotic online dating

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And I agreed.

Hypnotic online dating

Tom was definitely not the type of guy I wanted to end up with. Until, suddenly, he was. Sure, he didn't have a "real job," but Tom was really funny. A few weeks after we met, I told Tom I wanted him to be my boyfriend. Being with him made me happy, and that was all that mattered. Our relationship only stayed blissful for a few months. Soon, we were fighting constantly. Tom hit on other girls in front of me, was always on his phone when we were together, and would tell me I needed to do more squats to get a perkier butt.

Hypnotic online dating

Eventually, he started acting like such a jerk that I had no choice but to break up with him. I knew it was what he wanted. My confidence was completely shattered. The more I researched hypnotism, the more it seemed like the magic fix I was looking for. How great would it be to take a nap and wake up completely over him?

Hypnotic online dating

Initially, I thought hypnotism was a weird magic trick that could make someone quack like a duck in a quick finger snap. But with a bit of research I learned that hypnotism is actually a deeper form of meditationjust with a specific goal in mind.

The more I looked into it, the more it seemed like the magic fix I was looking for. Though there's not really any scientific evidence proving hypnosis can mend a broken heart, it's a legit therapy for related conditions like pain and anxiety. How great would it be to take a nap and wake up completely over Tom? At first, my situation was a bit out of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I spoke with certified hypnotist Elena Mosanerwho has experience in treating heartbreak, who asked me about my situation. Do you think you can help? Want to come this weekend? I quickly agreed.

But waiting for her, I was nervous. What exactly was she going to do to me?

Hypnotic online dating

Suddenly, I wished I'd spent even more time researching exactly what hypnotism was. But it was too late to back out. Mosaner welcomed me with a warm smile and guided me to a reclining chair, just like the kind most grandpas have. After a few minutes of obligatory, awkward small talk, she got down to business. I spent about 15 minutes telling her about Tom and how I was ready to completely move on. She also asked me about my future goals, not just with love, but for my careertoo.

Then, she switched gears. The first thing Mosaner did was make sure I was deeply relaxed. She had slowed down my racing mind and even though I was jittery just an hour before, now I felt completely at ease. Next, she guided me through a series of visualizations. She made me imagine myself emptying all my Tom memories out of a box. Then, she had me envision Tom and I together, connected by a string. When she told me to let go of the string and walk away, I felt my eyes well up with tears.

She had me envision Tom and I together, connected by a string. Then, Mosaner made me picture something else: my future. I saw myself sitting on the couch, watching TVcuddling with someone who made me feel loved—and who I loved in return. Mosaner nudged me out of my resting state by bringing my awareness back to my breathing and eventually having me open my eyes. I thought I would wake up completely cured of my heartbreak, but truthfully, I wasn't.

Hypnotic online dating

I felt my face turn hot and tears burn my eyes. Mosaner gave me a small smile. But it is the first step to truly moving on. Today, you let go.

Hypnotic online dating

And you visualized what you want for yourself. Always keep that image with you. It gives you something to work toward. And just know that going back to your ex is a step away from making that visualization real. Taking the subway back to my apartment that day, I felt like a failure. When Tom texted me a few weeks later I ignored his message, something I never thought I would be able to do. Like Mosaner said, I knew that responding was a step away from being percent happy with someone new. Then, I started doing things to make my vision happen.

I ed up for online dating for the first time ever. Most importantly, I did eventually heal. So perhaps the question isn't, did hypnotism work? But rather: Do I feel better? And I don't need to tap into my subconscious to know the answer to that. If you're going through a breakup yourself, here are some expert tips for moving on healthfully. Feeling acute sadness? This quick happiness hack will help lift your spirits.

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Hypnotic online dating Hypnotic online dating

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