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May 5, Fort Smith, AR. The businesses featured were selected by Northside High School juniors in Ms. This time, the students turned their attention to local businesses. The City of Fort Smith will begin featuring these local businesses on Wednesday, May 5 on its social media and will continue through the summer.

Each business they feature will provide background information about the owner and business. It was a classroom effort to accomplish this project and the students gleaned much from business owners. I am very excited and proud for the residents of Fort Smith to see their work! April 12, - Fort Smith, AR. City staff, Parks and Recreation Commission members, and the volunteer organization Keep Fort Smith Beautiful, will plant a tree in memory of one of its former volunteers, Andrea Beckman. Dallas St. Additionally, paper shredding services will be offered, but only on two days.

Residents may bring up to three bags of paper or up to three banker boxes to have their documents securely shredded. The first paper shredding event will take place at the Ward 4 location above, from 12 Noon to 3 p. The second event for the paper shredding service will occur at the Ward 1 location on Saturday, April 24,from 12 Noon to 3 p. March 9, - Fort Smith, AR. As of today, the City will require special event organizers to submit their event permits with safety protocols outlined by the Arkansas Department of Health ADH only through Friday, April 23, revised from the date of May 31, Additionally, on that date, the City will reopen the Fort Smith Convention Center, community centers, and public restrooms again.

In keeping with the State of Arkansas, and the U. Until the threat of the pandemic has been completely eliminated, the City encourages its residents and visitors to wear masks, socially distance, and be vigilant at washing their hands even in a time with no mask mandate. Safety protocols for large outdoor events and public gatherings are in response to the pandemic and are established to consider the safety and well-being of all.

During this time, community centers and public restrooms will remain closed as well. March 4, - Fort Smith, AR. The COVID safety protocols will continue through May 31,at which time, the City will re-evaluate the policy with regard to information and data on the pandemic.

The decision to extend the protocols was made to support the safety, health, and general welfare of the community and support special events and public gatherings in a way that considers the safety and well-being of all. Individuals and groups wishing to obtain permits to host large outdoor events will need to include plans with their permit applications that follow ADH guidance. February 11, - Fort Smith, AR. In light of severe winter weather forecasted for early next week, the City of Fort Smith requests that residents who have their trash pickup scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week, place their trash carts out two days early.

Solid Waste Services Department Director, Kyle Forman says that trash and recycling carts scheduled for collection on Monday and Tuesday of next week will be picked up this Saturday and Sunday instead. To avoid missed trash collection, the City is asking residents to put their carts out as follows:. DAT pickups needed next Tuesday should plan to have their trash picked on Sun.

Solid waste collections for both commercial and industrial users will occur on Saturday and Sunday as well. November 19, — Fort Smith, AR. Terry begins his new job on January 4,and will report directly to the City Administrator, Carl Geffken. We found this speaks volumes about his commitment to the City, and complements his impressive professional experience that will be incredibly helpful to the City. Judge Terry currently serves as a District Judge, an appointment he received by Governor Hutchinson in He is also a former deputy prosecuting attorney for Sebastian County.

He ly served as a Trust Officer and Assistant Vice President at First National Bank of Fort Smith, where he handled a wide range of complex legal and business issues, including financial planning and the administration of trusts and estates.

I am looking for a Fort Smith

After receiving his B. Geffken and the Board of Directors have placed in me for this important job. I will continue to uphold the law and to treat all litigants with fairness, dignity, and respect, as I have during my entire career. I am proud to call Fort Smith my home, and I am excited to continue working to make it a wonderful, safe place to live.

The City Prosecutor has concurrent misdemeanor jurisdiction with the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney except in those misdemeanor cases specifically deated for prosecution by the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney. However, this year, the City has decided to flip the switch a little early — at 5 p. Given we are still in the middle of a pandemic, The Parks Commission determined the safest way to proceed would be to NOT operate the Holiday Express train to keep people as safe as possible.

We ask that people please stay 6-feet apart, wear their masks at all times, and when possible carry hand sanitizer. The light celebration and program draw thousands to Creekmore Park each year. City Administrator Carl Geffken applauded the staff for moving so quickly to install the lights and welcome the holiday a little earlier. We encourage everyone to enjoy the lights responsibly and take this opportunity to possibly create new holiday traditions like exploring other parts of downtown Fort Smith, like the shops along Garrison Avenue, or a walk along Riverfront Pavilion, Pendergraft Park, and Cisterna Park in the Downtown.

The City began the Creekmore Park lighting display with just a few lights on display in Some of the lighting displays have been handmade by Park staff over the years. The City will not re-open the train until the pandemic subsides. The takeover begins on Monday, October 5, The students were so excited to participate!

I am looking for a Fort Smith

For student work to be showcased on a digital platform to help promote the park system presented a teachable moment. Photographers seeing their images featured to help advocate for their hometown is an important acknowledgment of the student's voice in the community. There are many different ways to look at the world, the City, and the challenging times in which we live.

The takeover will run through the first week of November. The call center will be open Monday through Friday, a. Rather than calling, though, if possible, customers with questions, concerns or needing personal assistance are asked to mynewbill fortsmithar.

I am looking for a Fort Smith

This dedicated address allows an even larger of staff to address the volume of customer needs and requests, responding individually, with more time and other flexibility as they fulfill other of their job duties. For those who do call Utility Billingas of today, callers are routed to the expanded staff in the new call center. New call center staff can handle any utility customer request but are specially trained to address current recurring customer demands.

Overlapping the citywide billing software switchover, the Utility Department has long been in the process of replacing hardware—old, aging water meters—in various neighborhoods. The old, outdated meters did not always measure accurately the water used. The new meters are manufactured, calibrated, and tested so they read the exact amount of water usage.

No matter the issue, City Administration and staff are committed to working in partnership with customers to resolve all problems, concerns, and questions. Enormously frustrating!

I am looking for a Fort Smith

Believe me, it was also frustrating and aggravating for City staff. Initial system deployment difficulties have been worked out, Geffken said. The main questions being put to City staff are:. So, they said, they had no idea what their info was and no way to get it. All the dogs were super friendly and the owners welcomed us to take images when they found out what the project was about.

I loved how they incorporated high school students with this project. It is right by my house, so all the memories there are so special. I love Carol Ann Cross Park!

I am looking for a Fort Smith

The peaceful, stunning scenery is a beautiful dream come true.

I am looking for a Fort Smith

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