I need a tongue bath

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Yeah, ohhhwe got the hood rats in the house right Would you like a tongue bath babe They say they like tongue bath from the back So, uh, we went and got Methron But of course, it's the Ying-Yang Twins. Let me see you freak your body I won't stop until you get enough Anyway you want it, I'm with it I just wanna get up in it You want a tongue bath, you need a tongue bath Let me see you freak your body I won't stop until you get enough A tongue bath, from the back Oh yes, that's the way I like it You want a tongue bath, you need a tongue bath. Forget about that Summer we stretched straight thuggin it up In the tongue bath world we was loving it up I've been told by the eye we were holding each other To the room, sexual, of the Isley Brothers Sippin' Alazez and Hennessee, straight thug passion Licking nipples, got you gigglin', so you started to laugh And now it's getting so erotic baby All of a sudden so I'm kissing on your body baby Admit it babb.

See baby a tongue bath is what I like Lick me up, lick me down, curve my appetite Let me open up my legs, show me what you got The way you licking on my body's got me really hot And I'm loving the way you lick me though Do it little daddy, let your tongue take control You got me shaking like hell when you're licking my toes From the top to the bottom, make your tongue roll.

The way you all on me, you get me feeling the heat And when you lick it like that it make me grit my teeth You got me grabbin' the sheets, and put the pillow on my face Biting my lips and squeezing my waist I'm calling your name and making that face Cause you lick my bubble gum and had the taste You got me caught up in this mist of the passion, you see This tongue bath you giving me is like a fantasy. Baby please keep on moanin', keep on licking on me You got me bitin' on your neck, look what this bath did to me Now rub me down in your notion, with your deep freezin' motions You bring the freak out in me, I'm out of control can't you see You got me hot and now it's on till the early morn Now this tongue bath, feed it to me, got me in the zone Yeah.

Give me a tongue bath please, I want you all on your knees I like it when you licking me, from the back constantly You make me shiver little daddy when you're playing with ice Turn out the lights little daddy, we can cut all night I like it rough, if you tough, take it easy, that's enough I want a massage with your tongue, make my body feel numb Keep me hot, you know that spot That feaky stuff you know I like Ooh yeah, that's it, you're doing it right, that's tight.

The way you licking me and kissing me Hugging me and touching me Rubbing me constantly Ready to put your love in me Do it like that, down from the back Run a tongue bath, baby treat a hood rat Slip and slide on my thighs, make your tongue glide Baby when me and you collide, we'll make the temperature rise. Uh, come here shorty, stop please Why you acting like you don't like it You know you like it You know you want me to touch it For real, come here and let me give you a tongue bath Haha, you like to get wet don't you It's my way or the highway, ohh Come on, for real Would you like a tongue bath, oh We ain't gotta do it that much, just let me do it a little bit A little bit, just a little bit, it's all right How low can you go, I don't mind What you like, I don't mind no If you're running you'd better catch it, oh, yeah.

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I need a tongue bath

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I need a tongue bath

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I need a tongue bath

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I need a tongue bath

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Tongue Bath (feat Methrone)