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With nearly 2, law-enforcement Explorer posts and upward of 32, to year-olds participating in the Boy Scouts-affiliated program each year, Maggie had entered a primary gateway into American law enforcement. Rapidly promoting her through the ranks, he promised to get her into the police academy when she was of age. Soon he was taking her on ride-alongs nearly every night. Queasy, he contacted a Texas Ranger, John Nick Hanna, who was in the midst of a months-long investigation of Ariaz over allegations of sexual abuse.

Ariaz had been suspected of it for years. Inaccording to court records, a year-old Explorer told Brownwood Police Chief Virgil Cowin that Ariaz had forced himself on her one night when they were alone in the station house, kissing her, fondling her breasts and fingering her vagina.

Cowin also knew of text messages Ariaz had sent the girl bragging about the size of his penis and how he intended to use it on her. Jolted to action by the new information, however, he soon learned that Ariaz took Maggie out several nights per week, often parking his car for hours at a time at known make-out spots. With a go-ahead from his superiors, Hanna set up a hidden camera. For five nights, he watched as the sergeant kissed and groped Maggie, but held off until he had his smoking gun.

Finally, after watching Ariaz go down on the girl, he swooped in for the arrest. But police officers having sex with Explorers is not. In recent decades, more than police officers have had sex with Explorers they were entrusted with mentoring, the vast majority of them underage. Its programs, which extend far beyond law enforcement, provide more thanyoung people each year the chance to see firsthand workplaces in fields ranging from aviation to architecture to the law.

The exact of exploited Explorers is not known. For a list of known cases, see the interactive feature accompanying this article. But a review of Explorer sex abuses dating back to the s shows that the Boy Scouts and Learning for Life waited years to enact rules barring inappropriate contact between police and Explorers. And once these rules were in place, the Boy Scouts and Learning for Life have not enforced them, mostly leaving police departments to police themselves. A couple dozen strong, they were among the first girls allowed into Explorers, a Boy Scouts career-preparation program dating to the s.

The LEEGS trailed cops as they patrolled the neon-lit expanses of porn shops, massage parlors and peep shows on their beats. They occasionally helped control event crowds and assisted with station-house desk work. As a token of appreciation, the Hollywood cops began taking the Explorer girls, most of them 15 and 16 years old, on overnight weekend camping trips.

The tradition endured for more than two years, until the autumn ofwhen one of the girls, uncomfortable with the campsite activities, complained to department higher-ups. The camping trips, she reported, were little more than orgies. When the news broke, the task of handling the ensuing media onslaught fell to an up-and-coming deputy chief named Daryl Gates, who later gained notoriety as the unsympathetic public face of the LAPD during the Rodney King affair.

He was quick to dismiss the severity of what had occurred among his Hollywood cops and the girls they were tasked with mentoring. Ultimately, it was found that at least six cops had had sex with at least 16 teenaged Explorers. While some officers involved were fired, others remained in their jobs. The first publicly known case of its kind, it remains among the largest in terms of the of cops and Explorers involved.

Over the next decade, a handful of new cases would come to light, all in California. That would grow more difficult in The middle-aged lieutenant and the teenager hit it off, and he invited her to his house. Twice that month, they had sex. In March, after their tryst had been exposed, Padilla was fired from his job, arrested and eventually placed on probation.

Ladies seeking sex Brownwood Missouri

Chastened, the department put in place a set of rules governing the Explorer program. They forbade fraternization between police officers and Explorers, barred female Explorers from riding along with male officers, placed limits on the frequency with which Explorers were allowed to ride along, and put a higher-up in charge of overseeing ride-along pairings. As the department got its house in order, the Boy Scouts emphasized the anomalous nature of what had happened.

Amid assertions that two other Simi Valley officers had also had sex with the girl — including a detective specializing in sex crimes and child-abuse cases, who was soon fired — the Simi Valley PD considered enacting rules similar to those in Long Beach. Walker reported discovering an average of nearly 20 cases per year of police officers doing everything from forcing women to walk home in their underwear to raping them in their cars after pulling them over.

As Walker scoured the Internet to prepare an update, he stumbled upon a different trend: Police officers sexually assaulting Explorers. Among the cases Walker highlighted was one from in Largo, Florida, in which an officer accused of having sex with a year-old girl killed himself. But an outside investigator subsequently found that at least 11 Largo cops had had sex with Explorers, dating back to the late s.

The investigating officer, evidently intent on re-enacting the crime, then took the girl on a ride-along of his own, during which he too had sex with her. One accuser said Kalish had forced him to perform oral sex in his squad car while the two were in uniform.

Ladies seeking sex Brownwood Missouri

In all, Walker listed 32 cases of police officers sexually exploiting Explorers, many involving multiple officers, multiple Explorers or both. After the Associated Press reported his findings, Walker used the ensuing attention to take police departments to task. What I think it indicates is a failure of police departments to supervise these programs…and really investigate allegations of misconduct. Spared the public shaming was the organization charged with overseeing the program. Inunder fire for its longstanding policy of not allowing atheists, homosexuals or girls among its ranks, the Boy Scouts spun off the Explorer program into a more-inclusive subsidiary it named Learning for Life.

Scouting officials described the move as the natural evolution of a fast-growing segment of its organization that had aims separate from the core mission of instilling traditional values in American boys. Critics smelled a different plot: at once inoculating a popular program from the legal challenges besetting the Boy Scouts while providing political cover for the organization as a whole. Whatever the motivations, it would take Learning for Life years to begin imposing Explorer safety standards on police departments.

Thornton says Learning for Life barred underage Explorers from going on overnight ride-alongs starting in the mids, declining to specify further. She declined to say whether its no-fraternization rule went into effect before As Walker broadcast his warning to the public, a year-old cop two months into his career at the Bremerton Police Department was getting to know a shy, immature year-old volunteering there as an Explorer.

Eventually, they started having sex. In Februarytheir passionate e-mails intercepted, they came clean to department investigators about their liaison.

Ladies seeking sex Brownwood Missouri

Forbes handed down a ten-day suspension without pay. Meade, claiming ignorance of the no-fraternization policy, filed an appeal. Expelled from the Explorers, her career in law enforcement was over before it had begun. Having built up her online network, Natalie sought to hang out with her new police friends away from work. One officer took her to dinner and a movie, invited her over and allowed her to spend the night in his bed, but denied having sex with her. Another, Captain Tom Wolfe, took Natalie to a pizza t, where he was seen caressing her inner thigh in public an assertion he deniesand gave her special asments that allowed her to bring home confidential paperwork.

A third officer, Brandon Greenhill, admitted to inviting Natalie to his house while his wife was out of town and, as a movie played on TV, having sex with her. The first officer, along with four others suspected of improper relations with Natalie, was cleared of wrongdoing by a subsequent department investigation.

Wolfe and Greenhill were found to have broken department rules. Like Bethany, Natalie was kicked out of the program. It is now officially forbidden for Bremerton cops to sleep with Explorers. That is outrageous. Someone is asleep at the wheel. In Tualatin, Oregon, the extent of an Explorer sex case — the second such case in the small department in recent years — which included a female Explorer, three officers and a state patrolman was not revealed until The Oregonian undertook a months-long investigation.

The inquiry found that another deputy was also having sex with a different Explorer. Both men were fired and face criminal charges. A third deputy suspected of similar behavior was allowed to remain in his job. A coalition of news organizations have since sued to make those files public.

Citing privacy concerns, the Boy Scouts have resisted. Whether the Boy Scouts keep similar records for the Explorer program is not a question the organization is willing to answer. Thus the same culture of secrecy and scandal-aversion that has earned unflattering comparisons to the Catholic Church appears to be at work at Learning for Life. When asked if Learning for Life has expelled, suspended or reprimanded any police department with an Explorer program for failing to uphold its rules, Thornton declined to answer directly.

But it is disappointingly hands-off. Judith Cohen, a psychology professor at Temple University specializing in youth sex abuse, is more blunt. Maggie, the Explorer abused by former Sergeant Vince Ariaz in Texas inis a prime example of who suffers when Learning for Life cedes oversight of its program to locals, says her lawyer, Jeffrey Edwards.

Summoning the courage to enforce the new rules would prove to be another matter.

Ladies seeking sex Brownwood Missouri

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