Ladies want casual sex Bronx

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So much for sex in the age of conspicuous consumption. Since September 11, more New Yorkers want marriages, fewer are having casual sex, and many are happier with their dating lives. Maybe less is more. After all that's happened, it's still hard to put a finger on how exactly the culture of the city has changed in the past few months.

But change it has. I remember being at a bar maybe five years ago and overhearing a woman ask her friend, "Have you slept with that guy? Her friend said she hadn't. Even if it wasn't your life, it was the New York state of mind. We felt daring, acquisitive, invulnerable. Really, who knew what might wind up in your lap?

Sex was the most affordable form of conspicuous consumption of all, and you tried to get yourself the best and the most.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx

September 11 didn't change everything singlehandedly, of course. There were other moments along the way, like the bursting of the Internet bubble, and Lizzie Grubman's bad night at Conscience Point, when you could feel the glitzocracy dissolving. Safety, family, community, all those values not necessarily celebrated in a sleek TriBeCa bistro, are not just words used by politicians anymore.

These days, we aren't so giddy out there in the night by ourselves. These are more than perceptions. Thirty-six percent of singles say they are more interested in marriage, 32 percent are more interested in a family, and 46 percent want a more serious relationship since the 11th.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx

She's not alone. A lot of people I know are already in serious relationships or getting married, and now I think I want that, too. The women we polled were considerably more gunned up about fusing into a post-September 11 domestic cocoon than the men. Forty-two percent of women polled are more interested in marriage now, compared with 29 percent of the men, and 36 percent of women said "more" to family versus 27 percent of men. A year-old male attorney from the Upper East Side told us, "The women I'm meeting since September 11 are more likely to be concerned with 'long term' right up front.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx

I am, too, but not as concerned as these women. Stay tuned for the return of toxicity to bachelorhood. E ven if you were busy making nourishing baby food in Park Slope in the nineties, you knew that somewhere in the meatpacking district, singles in tube tops were out trolling the night for erotic adventure and fabulosity in general. In the fantasy New York of FriendsMonica and Rachel's fun-and-pigtails bachelorette pad has become Monica and Chandler's first home as man and wife.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx

Meanwhile, Rachel is pregnant and living with Joey. This I have no explanation for.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx

Banana Republic has those pictures of a baby nestled between his hip mom and his Gary-from- thirtysomething -like dad. Kate Spade shows little cuties in devil costumes and elegant parents patrolling their classy but loving homes. Versace has been featuring a mommy, a maid, and albeit a miserable onesuggesting that even the richest among us are glamorizing responsibility of a sort.

Serious Fun. Well, women a little more so than men.

Ladies want casual sex Bronx Ladies want casual sex Bronx

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