Lombard real women

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Kathryn Reynolds, c.

Lombard real women

In the spring oftwo good friends Katharine Reynolds and Grace Hanger decided to create a newspaper for their hometown which they loved. Katharine Reynolds was born in what was Bohemia, today the Czech Republic, in then emigrated to the United States with her family at the age of six.

Inshe married Henry Reynolds in Chicago and the two of them moved to Lombard. Grace B. Hanger was born in Iowa in She was a woman who owned a store called Mrs. Charles Rd. Hanger Dry Goods, nd. The store was co-owned by a partner whose name, unfortunately, has been lost to memory. Both women were intelligent and very progressive. On March 16th,the first issue of the Lombard Breeze was published.

Lombard real women

This first issue also published the policy in which this paper would run stating. Neither will we notice or take of any petty gossip or permit malicious, venomous scandal to creep into our columns…We realize and hope you realize that at times we may be forced to utter truths that will hurt, truths that you would rather not hear, and we would rather not utter, but when those times come, we expect to do out duty fearlessly and we shall depend on your to understand.

The paper offered spaces for local advertisements, book reviews, recipes, and announcements on ways to assist in raising funds for equipment for the school gymnasium. Hanger would eventually move to Dubuque, Iowa with her two children, Annis and Halsey, when her husband, Arthur Basil Hanger, was transferred by his work. Her store was purchased and operated by Fred H.

Sadly, Arthur died in an automobile accident in April Reynolds had been a writer for some time before she published the Lombard Breeze and became a more popular author in the years following. For two and a half years, Reynolds and her family moved to Argentina in while her husband worked for a British employer to run a factory. She felt so homesick that she began to work on her first novel, Green Valley, of which the subdivision and school were named after.

Green Valley was published in by Little Brown and Co. Her second novel, Willow Creek was published inand both novels sold well. It has been noted that she used thinly disguised local residents in her novels, which was the source of much delight for Lombard residents. She developed this negative view of male doctors after the doctor who delivered her first son was under the influence of alcohol and left her in poor condition. Her other three sons were delivered by women doctors.

As a well-known environmentalist, Reynolds was at the center of an interesting episode in her life when she attempted to establish her own village which she would call Oak Crest.

Lombard real women

Her reasoning was that she wanted to protect the great oak trees which stood in her neighborhood which she feared that real estate developers from Lombard would destroy. Reynolds passed away in in Ramona California at the age of That was the Lombard when first I knew it.

I love them--the little towns of our land. Both Hanger and Reynolds were intelligent and progressive women. They had their own careers, ideals, goals. Chicago Tribune, August 31, Hover over highlighted date and click the event to get details. The Lombard Historical Society is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equality. As a museum and educational institution, we will continue to raise awareness and create a more equitable narrative — rooted in our history as a recognized Underground Railroad site.

We invite and welcome all to share your history with us. Maple, Lombard, IL Sheldon Peck Homestead, E. Upcoming Events Taste of History. Peck Homestead Parties. Shop Lombard. Lombard, IL. View fullsize. Historic Homes of Lombard W. The Hidden Murals of Eastgate Lombard Historical Society Lombard Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets and promotes the history of Lombard.

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Lombard real women

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