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December His first experiences abroad were when he was only 16 years old, as he spent a year in Kokomo, Indiana in the US as part of a student exchange program. Inhe attended Imperial College London for a full year as part of the Erasmus Program, and met his future wife there before also spending some time abroad in Italy. Finally, he went back to Imperial College to get his PhD, where he focused on optimizing the flow of information in supply chains. Rupp started his professional career at Fairchild Dornier in Munich, where he reported directly to the SVP of Supply Chain Management and was responsible for the area of e-business.

Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, after which he switched to MTU Aero Engines in Munich again and started off as an e-business project manager before becoming senior manager of production planning. Three years later, he would supervise the implementation of a material service agreement with Lufthansa Technik for CFM before becoming an official Safran and CFM representative for Airbus in Toulouse two years after that. And now, Dr. Thomas Rupp is 49 years old, married, has two kids aged nine and ten, and lives with his family in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Well, one very ificant factor, of course, is the Covid crisis. The pandemic is forcing us to reevaluate things and do them differently where appropriate. The demand has collapsed worldwide due to the fall in air traffic and that our capacities are not being used to their full extent. This gives us the opportunity to really think about some issues more carefully. In the past few years, there really was only one focus in the aviation industry: growth, growth, growth.

Now, the crisis has helped us speed up certain realizations. All in all, this will make us more effective and efficient, but also, and perhaps most importantly, much faster. Now, the way I put it might sound a bit trite, but we really see this as an opportunity and are working on taking full advantage of it and of the time that we have now. And as you can probably intuit, that takes a very specific type of customer relationship.

When it comes to GSE, you need to analyze what the market really wants in the very long term. And, of course, what our long-term developments for the market should look like. This is something that spans a period of years and requires working closely together with end customers such as Airbus and Boeing. Meanwhile, things are completely different at the Tooling Business Unit. This means that Tooling gets drawings and specifications directly from customers and needs to work with that.

In fact, this should enable us to really focus on the core activities of each business unit. For example, time, cost, and quality are the most important parameters for the Tooling Business Unit, and the new structures will make it much easier for us to optimize things along those lines. In fact, these global locations will have a much closer connection to headquarters in the future!

Married Hydro for chat

After all, we want to be fast, effective, and on the ball when things speed up again, and we also want to increase our market share in a sector where competition is incredibly tough, but in which we can also assume that our competitors will not dare tackle this head on like us. Of course, this also means that our restructuring process comes with some pretty big investments.

Well, I am personally taking care of two key management positions in my new role for now. But I think that I can contribute in a very ificant manner by bringing in my longtime contacts. What it really comes down to is customer relationship management, or establishing long-term contacts, if you will. From my perspective, there are several factors that play an important role here. These objectives need to incorporate the right quality, price, and lead time for our customers.

In contrast, things will change considerably at the Ground Support Equipment Business Unit, and our plants will have to compete much harder with our suppliers in the future there. In other words, we usually need to clean up and prepare the corresponding data first. However, our decades of experience mean that we know this and can pass on the document with this additional information to our supply chain or production operations.

But not just that information — we can also determine which materials need to be used and which testing standards need to be applied. The second key area is portfolio management, which is responsible for the various portfolios, such as an engine portfolio and an aircraft model portfolio.

Married Hydro for chat

The Portfolio Management team at the new Tooling Business Unit is where all the important thre will converge and be held together. Portfolio Management is the brain of the business unit. It sets prices and costs systematically and will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether we are awarded contracts or not as a business unit. They basically want to order it and get the end result. Now, tools really vary a lot, and you get tools for a couple of hundred euros to tools for several hundred thousand euros, as is the case for an engine bootstrap, for example.

But to get back to your question directly: Our customers will benefit from our new organizational structure as a result of us really focusing on our customers, which will enable us to ultimately know our customers more in depth and be more able to align ourselves with their needs. What we particularly expect to improve in this context is our delivery performance. I really discovered what cheese has to offer in France and enjoy buying cheese from the cheesemonger at the market. There are amazing cheeses with all kinds of flavor profiles! That way you can get people who will give it their all with you and together be successful for our customers.

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Married Hydro for chat

However, these cookies will not be used without your prior consent. Product finder Contact. Thomas Rupp. HYDRO is in the middle of an internal restructuring and realignment process. How do you think HYDRO will benefit from switching from a line organization to a business-unit-centered organization? What does your new position look like? So does this mean that the Tooling Business Unit will grow? What are the factors that will really define whether the new business units are successful or not? What are the key areas of the Tooling Business Unit for which you are responsible? After all is said and done, how will our customers benefit from our new organizational structure?

A good day at work starts with … a good cup of coffee and, if possible, a short run. If you want to get somewhere at HYDRO … you need to be a master of helping other team members really grasp just how important every individual project is for our customers. When I was 18, I wanted to … be an archeologist.

Married Hydro for chat

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A chat with Executive Vice President Dr. Thomas Rupp