Oral bottom seeks top

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Oral bottom seeks top

Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. I am still confused by this term, since it seems used to mean contradictory things. So I'm trying a poll--my first, so be gentle if I screw it up. Isn't "Oral Top" the same thing as "French Active," meaning the guy who gives head, rather than French Passive, meaning the guy who receives the head. Or do I have these concepts reversed? Now I'm confused too, I thought the top always stuck it in, so an oral top gets sucked, while an oral bottom gives head.

This topic has been discussed on Datalougne before, and there's never a clear answer. A lot of guys on Craiglist say they are an "oral top", so it would be nice if one of them would post here as to what they mean by it. From what I gather, most think it means a top who also likes to suck so in that sense he's really a versatile top. R5, there's a diff in what it "should" mean and what it comes to mean in practice. R6 is correct. I'm not sure r6 is right about the meaning in practice either, though.

Don't some oral tops say that because they are only willing to be sucked orally ie. He's a top who's probably only looking for oral. Without the "oral," we p he seeks butt. I'm sorry, but you don't just redefine a word or phrase to mean the opposite of what it really means just because people are ignorant or stupid. OP, your poll turned out fine, but just fyi, if you're ever posting and you're not sure if the formatting is going to show up like you want it to, hit "preview" instead of "submit" and you can look at it and find any errors before it actually becomes impossible to change.

I dated a guy for a short time who hated sucking dick. THe only reason it lasted as long as it did is that he was anally versatile, so I could fuck him in the ass whenever I wanted. But after a couple of months, I said, "If you don't want to give blow jobs, you need to find someone who doesn't want them.

I'm an oral bottom "active oral" and love to give blow jobs. In one night stands, tricks, or just sex play, I don't mind if I never get sucked.

Oral bottom seeks top

In a relationship, though, I'm not sure I could go without. Except when he wanted to fuck me, in which case, as soon as he was done, he'd roll over and insist he was too far gone to do anything but go to sleep. Though of course he was happy to get a blow job in the morning or mid-afternoon or before dinner, etc. And he did try to suck my dick maybe twice and lasted 20 or 30 seconds each time before he gave up. An oral top is simply a guy who fucks, but will not get fucked, and he also happens to love to suck and rim.

Thanks, guy. If you say you're a versatile top, you're leaving yourself open for misunderstandings, because it can be taken a of ways. I guess I can understand that there would be gay men who never pursue the pleasures of anal sex. Seems like they should just date people who don't have cocks which, in my experience, would be most women. To me, "oral top" always meant someone who was very oral - loves to suck cock and rim - and then is going to plug your hole. I really don't think I would bother with someone who doesn't suck cock - sounds like what passes for "bisexual" these days.

It's interesting--if you're a usage geek--that Urban Dictionary's definition breaks down just about as we do here. Has anyone actually done a study of what happens when they hook up with men who self-identify as oral tops? What do they actually do? I'm betting there's quite a few who just want to get blown and that's it. It seems to me like it's code for someone who is not able to deal with anal at all, and there's probably some who might have some issues to deal with about whether or not they even identify as gay yet. Any oral port in a storm types.

Oral bottom seeks top

Well, I think the clear message is to clarify all this before connecting. If an ad sounds appealling, just verify that your interpretation of what they're interested in is correct. I'm an oral top. I don't like getting fucked or dealing with the proccess, but I like sucking dick. I love rimming and I love doing most of the work during sex. I love getting head too but I always thought oral top meant you don't get fucked and you reciprocate just as gladly. In my experience, seems most guys refer to "tops and bottoms" in regard to anal sex primarily. I know many, many guys who will not get screwed i.

Oral bottom seeks top

But in reality, when it comes to oral, I have yet to meet a guy who was not versatile in that area. I always thought it meant a guy who preferred to top during anal sex, but liked giving blow jobs. Guys who won't suck dick but expect to be serviced exclusively, in every encounter and with every partner aren't "top" to someone's "bottom" It's just not possible, in my view, to be a fully integrated, openly gay man in and refuse to suck a partner's dick, ever.

I get that some guys get off on domination or submission fantasies and I TOTALLY get into being completely submissive on occasionbut to deny a partner or fuckbuddy not a trick any direct genital pleasure at all, ever, is just But, hey, if you're into that sort of thing, knock your socks off.

Oral bottom seeks top

I just don't get it and don't find that sort of rigid adherence to sex roles very attractive for very long. Guy who gets blown is the closest meaning in the survey. But ideally an oral top should be a facefucker, a guy who whips out his big swinging dick and thrills a cocksucker with his cocky top attitude. Are we living in the Carter administration? Do you still follow the hanky code? It's "bottom" or "top" for anal.

It's "well-adjusted and game" or "self-loathing and selfish" for oral. Dude, I am like that. Never sucked, not interested. But if a guy wants to suck me, cool. In fact, I have run across many guys that are more turned on by the fact that I don't suck, just get sucked. Further, I have run into many dudes that are like me and only get sucked. Liking dudes is expressed in a variety of ways.

It does not mean you have to enjoy any particular sex act, only that you are attracted to some males. Some guys like the guys who are strict tops, stricly receive oral because such guys are perceived as more masculine or straight. I kind of get into role play and the idea of just serving a guy turns me on, and while I've met guys that wanted me to solely service them, they always end up servicing me in return. Then again, I'm hung thick. It's true: many gay men have sexual hang-ups, feelings of loathing and homophobia directed inwardly as well as towards other gay men, and a myriad of other unresolved psychological and emotional issues.

The good news is a surprising of gay men are actually well-adjusted and open to different experiences, as well as just pleasing their partner.

Oral bottom seeks top

Some bottoms have personal that say they want a dude who only wants to get serviced and is not interested in any reciprocation. Some bottoms get turned on by a guy treating them just like a woman, as if the bottom doesn't even have a dick. It makes them feel like they are with a real, straight man. If a bottom doesn't want a top who sucks dick, isn't the top "pleasing" the bottom by not sucking his partner? Your idea of pleasing is not everyone's idea, since some bottoms actually prefer and therefore are pleased more by guys who don't orally reciprocate.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ! I need to get out more. Haa haa, r3. Now let's do "anal expulsive" personality from Psychology ! This is why I stick to butt fucking. Japanese brand of polishing toothpaste. No top ever says "anal" top.

Oral bottom seeks top

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