Seeking a big girl

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But you probably know even better how a sugar baby looks: Young, perfect skin, huge tits, and above all, a flat stomach and a trim waist. Yes, a sugar baby is a fashion model. There are plenty of guys out there who LIKE big girls, and prefer them to any other body type. Sometimes you see this in sugar daddies who are themselves overweight.

Which happens more often than you might think, by the way.

Seeking a big girl

And when they do, they often feel more comfortable in the company of a curvy sugar baby. It makes sense. And, oh, you may not have heard about the breakthrough, but recent research suggests that most men…wait for it…like big breasts.

Seeking a big girl

Shocking, I know. So you use this advantage, if you have it, by dressing to play up your girls. Think dresses with plunging necklines, tight tops, that kind of thing. When building your library of self pics that you send to pots, take more from the side to draw attention to your bust. Bend over and show some cleavage. Sugar daddies hate that from ANY sugar baby. This goes for whatever your best physical attribute happens to be. But what makes you look good may not have anything to do with your weight at all. Some girls have really nice hair no matter WHAT their bathroom scale thinks of them.

Just ask yourself, and ask your friends: What are my best features? Then you do you. All of this works equally well on cam sites, where all the plus size cam girls can each turn into a fine curvy sugar baby online. Just do all the things that a good cam girl needs to do: Stick to your schedule, make friends, and treat your most loyal regulars and best tippers like kings. Remember that Chaturbate is usually the best site for this, since it has the largest of rich guys hanging out there. It can be for some of the same reasons, actually, which make a lot more sense online. But being fat himself, he may feel more comfortable around fat sugar babies.

To give you just one example, I know a camgirl on Chaturbate who weighs in at around pounds, targets the BBW crowd, and actually has TWO very generous online sugar daddies. I shit you not. Be aware that some of the links on this blog allow me to get paid. I only recommend sites and products that I believe in, though!

Seeking a big girl

Toggle. Truth delivered in this post: 1 — Why plus size sugar babies can make bank. Finding BBW-Loving Sugar Daddies on Cam Sites All of this works equally well on cam sites, where all the plus size cam girls can each turn into a fine curvy sugar baby online. About Heidi. Search for:. Recent Posts. Affiliate Disclosure.

Seeking a big girl Seeking a big girl

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