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Over the last year, in an unrelenting series of episodes with clear racial animus, people of Asian descent have been pushed, beaten, kicked, spit on and called slurs. Homes and businesses have been vandalized. The violence has known no boundaries, spanning generations, income brackets and regions. The New York Times attempted to capture a sense of the rising tide of anti-Asian bias nationwide. Using media reports from across the country, The Times found more than episodes since March in which there was clear evidence of race-based hate. There have been many more attacks on people of Asian descent in which hate is not a clear motivation the way it is when racial slurs are used.

Those episodes, and other brutal high-profile attacks, have terrified the Asian community. The episodes unfolded in most every region, from Carmel Valley, Calif. Petersburg, Fla. They have been mostly in big cities along the coasts with large Asian populations, but in small towns too, like Stevens Point, Wis. Hate as a motive is historically difficult to prove. Prosecutors ask: Were the victims singled out because they were of Asian descent?

Or would the assailants have attacked anyone who happened to be there at the time? But over the last year, hate crimes, as classified and recorded by the police, rose at a faster pace against people of Asian descent than hate crimes over all. The tally arrived at by The Times may be only a sliver of the violence and harassment people of Asian descent have faced over the last year, as hate crimes are generally undercounted and underreported and only the most egregious s become headlines.

It is also possible that the of reports to law enforcement authorities and the media have increased, rather than the of episodes. That said, our broad survey captures the breadth of violence across the country — episodes that grew in after Donald J. And so far this year, the department is actively investigating or has solved 35 anti-Asian bias crimes.

The swell of xenophobia is unmooring. Many of the victims — who ranged widely in age — were severely injured. As videos from some of the episodes show, most of the assaults appear to have been unprovoked. The perpetrators were mostly male, though women were among the assailants, as were teenagers and seniors. People of Asian descent, like many other ethnic groups, have long been subjected to racial slurs. A vast majority of the verbal attacks in the last year also blame Asians for creating and spreading the coronavirus.

San Diego A young family.

Teen sluts Portland ca

Chicago A year-old lab technician. Martinsville, Ind. A Korean-American doctor. Albuquerque A freshman in college. Syracuse, N. A videographer. Manhattan A year-old student. Fresno, Calif. A California family. Queens A year-old man and his year-old son. Midland, Texas A family with a 2-year-old baby. Manhattan A woman on the subway. Miami Beach An elderly woman. Chicago A year-old man on a jog. Brooklyn A year-old on a subway. San Angelo, Texas A year-old exchange student. Cleveland, Ohio A Thai-American woman.

Edison, N. A year-old woman. Manhattan A year-old nurse. Stevens Point, Wis. Grocery shoppers in Wisconsin. Manhattan A year-old woman. Philadelphia A couple at a stoplight. Philadelphia A year-old attorney. Albany, N. A year-old Korean shop employee. San Jose, Calif. An elderly couple. A sports reporter. Carmel Valley, Calif. A family celebrating a birthday. Tam, Calif. A family on a hiking trail. Los Altos, Calif.

Teen sluts Portland ca

Postal Service worker. Philadelphia A pregnant mother. Los Angeles A woman waiting for her lunch. Newport Beach, Calif. A Korean-American entrepreneur. Fremont, Calif. A woman and her year-old daughter. Los Angeles A man in traffic. Washington D. A tea shop owner. Manhattan A man in a car accident.

Pineville, N. A real estate agent. San Diego A man working out in a gym. Orange County, Calif. A woman at a shopping mall. Seattle A woman at a crosswalk. Seattle A couple taking money from an ATM. Portland, Ore. A year-old woman and her son. Salem, Ore. A year-old student. Los Angeles A woman walking down the street. Los Angeles A year-old Air Force veteran.

Teen sluts Portland ca

Seattle A Japanese-American high school teacher. Brooklyn A woman in a parking lot. San Francisco An Uber driver. Los Angeles A Filipino Uber driver. Queens A year-old mother and her baby. Oakland, Calif. A gas station owner.

Brooklyn An Asian American laundromat owner. Houston A Korean-American beauty store owner. Los Gatos, Calif. A woman of Filipino descent. Los Angeles A year-old actress. Physical attacks. Verbal attacks. March Anti-Asian hate crimes reported to the police. New York City. Los Angeles. San Jose. Source: B. Levin, K. Grisham, A. Venolia and G. The for San Jose is not available.

Reports of anti-Asian physical attacks Click on the descriptions to. Episodes with references to Covid are highlighted.

Teen sluts Portland ca

Manhattan A year-old man was kicked in the back and told to go back to his country by a teenager who also used an expletive to make a racist comment about the coronavirus. Bronx A year-old woman on a bus was attacked by a group of teenage girls who accused her of spreading the coronavirus. One of them hit her with an umbrella. Queens A year-old man and his year-old son were repeatedly harassed with vulgar racial and mask-related statements by a man who went on to push the victim in the back of the head.

Miami Beach. Miami Beach An older woman was chased around by a man with a bottle of hand sanitizer who used vulgar language to say she needed to clean herself. Midland, Texas. A year-old-woman was surrounded by a group of teenagers and punched in the back of her head. The group shouted racial slurs related to the origin of the coronavirus.

Younglae Kim, a year-old Korean employee at a beauty supply store, was pushed to the ground, spit on and harassed with racist remarks after confronting a customer for not wearing a mask. Philadelphia A pregnant mother was punched and called a racial slur.

Teen sluts Portland ca

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