Totally nude strip club minnesota

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Totally nude strip club minnesota

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Viewing reviews 31 to 40 out of reviews for Sugar Daddys Sauk Rapids. Henry unregistered says:. Rail action at this club is lame. Mike unregistered says:. I really like the new dancer Audrey. I was very disappointed that she never once came up and asked me if i wanted a dance.

Hunter unregistered says:. Went to SD a few times, always with a different reason to stop in. Samurai unregistered says:.

Totally nude strip club minnesota

This club is typical of juice bars in Minnesota. The club looks like a semi rig's garage from the outside, but the inside is a little bit more posh.

Totally nude strip club minnesota

Bar is off to the right when you walk in, pay your cover there and get your "drink". In the main room there is a big Y shaped stage. Along the walls are couches. There is a VIP room. A very very poor excuse of one, but its there.

Totally nude strip club minnesota

The couches in this place are glorified park benches. Very uncomfortable. In keeping with Minnesota bible-thumper tradition, your hands are to be to at the sides at all times. Under no circumstance is touching by the customer allowed. Depending on the dancer, she may grind in your lap a little but that is about it for erotic contact. Anything further and a camera watching goon will show up and throw one or both of you out. Seen it happen. Also, the VIP is falsely named. There is no privacy there, and whatever the weather is outside hot,cold it will be the extreme opposite in this little closet of a room.

They crammed so many of the park benches in this little room that when it is busy the expression packed like sardines is very accurate. The only redeeming quality of this club is somehow they keep pretty hot dancers working there. So, for couch dances this club sucks but if you just want to watch a stage show with hot chicks this juice bar is sufficient.

I may return but only if I don't have enough gas to get somewhere else!! Joe unregistered says:. I was in St. Cloud for some business and the front desk people at my hotel suggested that I might enjoy Sugar Daddy's. The club is located about 9 miles out of St. The GPS has a difficult time locating the club, but it is located on Highway It is probably better to just look for the club instead of trusting the GPS.

The club is very large and really nice. However, I don't go to clubs because they are nice. There were about 5 or 6 girls working, two black and the others white. Most would be about a This club has some very strong rules. For example, I stopped in the parking lot to chat with a couple of dancers on their smoke break. The immediately told me that they would get fired if they talked with customers in the parking lot. This club allows zero touching and there are cameras are every where.

During the dance my hand brushed against the girls leg and she immediately moved away and said I would be kicked out if I touched her. While I can appraciate rules and certainly want the girls to feel safe, however, going to a nude strip club where there is no alcohol and no touching-that is just too much. I did not get the impression that take-out was available and that the girls are scared to break a rule.

This club is the only game in town as far as strip clubs go. So if one wants to set around drinking soda and watching girls this may be a good club for you. While this is a nice club, I think next time I will just stay in my hotel room and maybe call for room service.

Bubba unregistered says:. Just want to say goodbye to my favorite dancer Ashley. I will truly miss her, She is certainly one of a kind! My dance with Carmen really sucked! Bubba says:. She has been very rude to me these past few weeks. I won't be giving her anymore of my money. I've had a lot of VIP'S at this club. I love coming out here to see Ashley. I always have a good time talking with her. First 1 2 3 4 Next Last. Today's Fix. Music for the Masses - A roundup of great house, electro, progressive, pop and vocal dance tracks Music for the Masses - A roundup of great house, electro, progressive, hardstyle and vocal dance

Totally nude strip club minnesota

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