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Our Community Directors CDs are full-time professional staff who provide leadership, management, supervision, and development for residence hall communities. CDs supervise the RDs and RAs within their community and help facilitate any issues that need additional attention including infrastructure maintenance and safety concerns. Our Residence Directors RDs are full-time graduate students who attend extensive training to prepare for working with students regarding any issue that may arise while living on campus. Resident Advisers RAs are full-time undergraduate students that live on the hall with students.

We have at least one RA per floor in all of our residence halls. RAs attend a detailed training before students move on campus and are prepared to answer any question students may have. No question is too trivial to handle, we encourage students to develop a solid relationship with his or her RA. Information Assistants IAs are current students selected and trained to provide quality assistance and service to the guests and residents in our residence halls.

Students are encouraged to speak with his or her Resident Adviser RA about the situation. The RA will work diligently with roommates to solve the problem by helping them draw up a roommate agreement and by assisting them in working through the tough times.

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We encourage any student who is struggling with any issues, including roommate issues to communicate that to their RA, Community Director or Graduate Residence Director. Mail and Packages. Please note that the Department of Housing and Residence Life cannot assume liability for the delivery or condition of packages.

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Yes, we have computer labs located in Hull, Griffis, and Ruby that any of our on-campus residents may use. There is at least one laundry room in each residence hall. Students can access the laundry rooms at any time. First-Time Freshmen are required to live in on-campus residence halls according to the university's Freshman Residency Requirement. Research shows that students who live on campus their first year are more engaged and do better academically than students who live off campus.

Although first-year students are required to live on campus, Mississippi State University has determined that for most four-year students, living on campus has numerous educational and social benefits. We encourage students to consider living on campus all four years! Your student will be more likely to earn higher grades, graduate on time, and better enjoy his or her overall college experience.

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We have many great Residence Halls available to choose from each year! First-time freshmen may apply for on-campus housing after they have been officially admitted to Mississippi State University. Instructions on how to access their MyState and how to submit their housing preferences will be provided to the student once they are admitted.

This includes, but is not limited to, confirmed roommate requests the roommate with the better priority carries the pairparticipation in Living Learning Communities, Disabilities, or other factors. Students have the ability to request roommates on the Housing Application.

Roommate requests should be accepted and mutually confirmed in the Housing Portal no later than April 30, The MSU housing contract is a legally-binding contract similar to one you would for renting an apartment. We will offer student a housing contract after the Housing Priority for the Housing Application is closed in the beginning of April. Please make sure you follow all instructions that accompany the housing asments process including the housing contract, as failure to do so may result in a cancellation of his or her asment.

View the contracts here on the Policy and Procedures. If a student is enrolled at Mississippi State University and has ed an MSU housing contract, he or she will be responsible for all housing fees for each semester of the contract. Specific details regarding the RSVP process for each year will be sent to current residents in October. Below is the general timeline for RSVP. To reserve a bedspace for the next academic year, students can submit an RSVP online application via my.

Late RSVP applications will be accepted based on availability. Due to the limited availability in bed space for the upcoming year, we encourage all students who are interested in on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year to apply early. Please be aware that RSVP is an application process and your renewal is not a guarantee.

A living-learning community LLC is a program available through a academic program, college, or organization that gives students access to educational and service programs exclusive to each LLC. LLCs help students grow personally and academically by providing a unique living arrangement in which their peers desire to learn and serve in the same capacity that your student does. Students who wish to participate in an LLC, can indicate their interest on the housing application. Then a student's contact information will be sent to the corresponding LLC advisor.

Students should also complete an application for each program of his or her interest through the college, academic program or organization. High portal traffic once the Housing application goes live sometimes prevents people from logging in. Don't worry! You have until April 1st to complete your application without affecting your priority.

Online Room Selection is a self-asing process. Much like choosing an airplane or concert seat, you will be able to select your own bed from a list of available spaces via your online application. Online Room Selection will take place the second half of May. Timeslots for Online Room Selection will be sent the beginning of May via .

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A timeslot is the date and time students will be able to self-select their room. Students who submit their housing application by the April 1 Housing Priority Deadline may log onto the portal at any time on or after their ased timeslot to update their selection. Online Room Selection will close the end of May. Only one of you will need to go online to select the room. The student making the room selection will as themselves and will be required to pull their mutually confirmed roommate into any whole open room. Once this is complete, the roommate pulled into the room will receive an notifying them of their asment with instructions on how and when to an MSU Housing Contract.

Go ahead and select a bedspace in the best possible room for you. Then continue to check back on the Housing Portal to see if bedspaces have opened in your preferred Residence Hall through May. Our office will receive changes and cancellations which will continuously change room availability.

See the n ext section regarding changing your selected bed space. Students who have been issued a timeslot are able to cancel their ly selected bed space and select a different bed during OLRS through May Reasment requests will be considered according to housing priority and based on availability. An announcing this will be sent to freshmen. LLC members will receive an informing them of their acceptance and pending asment. If one person is already ased to a double room, you may view their profile how they answered the roommate compatibility questionnaire on the housing application before asing yourself to the other bed space in that room.

In most cases, students will have already selected their bed before attending Orientation, but this is not guaranteed. If you wish to as yourself to a bed without a specific roommate in mind, you must send us an requesting to be unconfirmed with your roommate. Once we unconfirm you within our system, you will be able to as yourself to any available bed space. If you have a new specific roommate in mind during OLRS, you can each simply select a bed in a whole open room. After OLRS closes on May 31, you will have the ability to submit a new roommate request through your housing application.

When submitting a new roommate request, you must agree to forfeit your current asment and acknowledge your roommate is more important than your room asment. Roommate requests after June 1 are based on the availability of a whole open double room. The Housing Office will send reasment offers from the request list in order of housing priority. Honors students will be able to as themselves and their non-honors roommates to Griffis or Hurst Hall based on space availability.

You will be considered a late applicant and will be ased a timeslot in the order of which your completed housing application is received. Late applicants will be ased after students who met the April 1st priority deadline. These asments are projected to be sent in June. On opening day, for the Fall semester, students may move into the Residence Hall after checking in at their deated check-in location. We do our best to provide the basics beds, closet spaces, refrigerator, microwave, internet connections ; however, we know students will need more to make their room feel more at home.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has prepared a list of suggested items and prohibited items students. In conjuction with the Freshman Residency Requirement, first-time freshmen are required to have a meal plan. Additional information about dining options and meal plans can be found here: Dining Services.

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