Watersport sex fun

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Here's the lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure's print edition for more beauty routines, recommendations, and features. It's Kink Month at Allure, and we're talking all about fetishes and kinks. on our landing here. While to some, golden showers are the butt of a Donald Trump joke, to others, they are an extremely erotic experience.

Watersport sex fun

Golden showers are one form of piss playwhich is exactly what it sounds like: sexual play involving piss. Though they may seem easy to make fun of because most of us grew up with bathroom humor, we should probably be nicer when it comes to the topic of golden showers because a lot of people are into them, and kink-shaming isn't cool. Some people engage in golden showers as part of BDSM.

BDSM involves a power exchange in which one partner is submissive and the other partner is dominant.

Watersport sex fun

In this particular scenario, the dominant partner typically pees on the submissive. Other people just try them out because they're horny and bored. Let's talk about all the reasons people love golden showers and what you should know if you're interested in trying out this particular kink. This particular kink is actually incredibly ordinary, according to the experts.

People love to be peed on. And quite a few of them also like to drink it. There are also quite a few online communities for folks to go who are interested in golden showers. In fact, the "watersports" another name for piss play group on the kinky social media website FetLife boasts over 25, members. Additionally, there are dating apps and websites specifically tailored to folks looking to find other kinky people to hook up with, including KinkDBDSM.

Any time you are exchanging bodily fluids, there is going to be some risk. During a golden shower, this most commonly occurs if the recipient has an open wound. So, if you're enjoying golden showers with someone whose health status you are unsure of, make sure there are no open wounds on you, and ask them to aim somewhere besides the mouth, such as on your stomach. Discuss your health with your partner; professional dominatrixes are already on it.

A way to avoid that is to be above them," Goddess Aviva says. First off, the person performing the golden shower will probably want to drink a lot of water an hour or so beforehand.

Watersport sex fun

Like, a lot. It's also important to pick the right place — golden showers probably shouldn't take place in your bed. Once you've figured out where it's going to happen and who it's going to happen withmake sure that all parties know what the plan is and are fully consenting. Consent is the most important part of any sex act, after all. Have everything you want for clean-up nearby, and everyone should have a safe word ready, too.

Remember what we've discussed above — that urine isn't sterile, and that the person receiving the golden shower shouldn't have any open cuts or sores. If this checks out, then you're good to go, but be patient, especially if it's the first time trying this for either of you. Lastly, when you're all done, clean off, and if you feel like it, keep the fun going.

Watersport sex fun

Other than clean-up and potential risks from fluid exchange, should this be something you want to try, you just have to make peace with your desire to try giving or receiving a golden shower and then discuss it with your partner s so you can experience one from a place of mutual enthusiastic consent.

Now that you know all about piss play, there's only one thing left to do if you want to try it for yourself — go find a partner who is into it, too. Happy kink monthbabes. Keywords sex kink BDSM bdsm sex tips dating sex tips love wellness kink month fetish month.

Watersport sex fun Watersport sex fun

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Watersports goes beyond a golden shower – these people explain why they’re into it