Wife who wants everything

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Although I thought I was done after Mr. The wife is a something, attractive, intelligent woman with a tendency toward reading, some creative pursuits, and introspection. She has a lot of energy that she used in college, maybe grad school, and then raising her kids, and now her kids are in elementary school or older and much more self-sufficient.

This leaves her with a lot more time to think. The wife takes care of herself and loves expanding her mind and her horizons. The husband is a something, attractive often less so than the wifesmart guy who tends toward more practical pursuits such as business or engineering. He makes good money and is well regarded as a good guy, possibly even a Mr. He loves his kids and would never cheat or make a bad financial decision. He is happy watching TV, or on vacation, or exercising. The relationship is not in crisis, but the wife is not happy. She feels lonely.

She wonders if this is all there is to life. She may love her husband, but is not in love with him anymore. She tries to initiate conversations with him, but they go nowhere. She thinks he is too passive. Having sex with him is exciting possibly every third or fourth month. She knows the kids love him, so she would never leave, unless they were already in college.

She worries that maybe the problem is her, and she just can never be happy. After all, her husband is a good guy. Everyone says so. She herself says so. But yet, she is unhappy. She often drinks too much, or exercises too much, or diets too much, in order to feel better. The husband, in contrast to his wife, does seem pretty happy.

Wife who wants everything

This may seem strange, since every few weeks, his wife implies or directly states that she is dissatisfied with him, his ability to have an interesting conversation, his lack of desire to grow as a person, their sex life, their romantic life, or their emotional connection. I mean, they have kids together and a history spanning decades. He still finds her interesting and attractive. And she seems pretty happy most of the time, right? He thinks she should probably switch careers, or start a new career, or take a class, or really do anything at all, and he is willing to pay any amount of money to make her happy and set her up in whatever new life path she wants.

Maybe then she would want to have sex more, too. She initiates couples counseling, and the husband demurs until there is a veiled or open threat of divorce, real divorce, as in soonand then he capitulates. So, what is usually discovered in therapy that explains this pattern? This couple actually has a fairly positive prognosis if they get into couples counseling. They are motivated and willing to work in therapy. They do particularly well if the wife seeks her own counseling, to examine her childhood and what she wants to get out of the second half of her life.

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Wife who wants everything

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Wife who wants everything

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Wife who wants everything

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